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Adande Refrigeration is a UK based manufacturer of refrigerated drawers that are trusted across the globe. Launched in 2007, Adande’s modular units have a very simple and patented design difference – insulated drawers. This unique feature enables them to perform better than any other design in practically any location in any kitchen. Proven and reliable, they excel in the most demanding environments and are trusted by discerning chefs and operators in all sectors.

In addition to providing the most stable holding temperature and humidity, which reduces losses due to food waste, the design ensures that minimal cold air is lost, keeping running costs low. Adande’s unrivaled seal warranties increase the savings further.

Whether freestanding, under-counter, used as an equipment stand, or built into a range with several different sizes and formats, Adande’s units can be used and trusted in every kitchen section. An increasing number of leading restaurants and hotels rely exclusively on Adande’s patented refrigeration in their kitchens.

Precise, temperature control at incremental settings from fridge (+15°C) to freezer (-22°C) set Adande units apart. Fish held at precisely 1.0°C without the need for ice stays fresher for longer, and is easier to filet. Fresh meat stored in an Adande set at exactly 0.5°C suffers less from dehydration or drip loss. Ice creams and sorbets held at -13°C stay at the ideal serving temperature without any ice crystals forming. Fries spit less when cooked, take up less oil and are cooked to a consistent standard when they have been stored in an Adande. Seafood, pasta, pastries, salad and garnishes are amongst the many other different food types that are better kept in a such a stable and precisely controlled environment.

If you care about food you should choose and use Adande throughout your kitchen.

The world’s best refrigerated drawer.
Enhancing food quality, increasing food profits

The refrigerated drawer against which all others are measured.

Full details of our UK and International product ranges are available in our Adande catalogues. Please click below to view the latest versions and find the best refrigeration for your kitchen.

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Chefs around the world love Adande

I trust the Adande refrigeration system – it has never let me down, and I have 10 drawers set over two kitchens: six in the Michelin star Hrishi restaurant, and 4 drawers in Gilpin Spice.

Hrishikesh Desai

Executive Chef

Through their energy efficiency the Adande pay for themselves. They make it easier for chefs to cook better food, so we are only limited by our imagination.

Joshua Goetz

Executive Chef at the American Club, Hong Kong

The great thing with an Adande is that it holds at a stable temperature which is great for our cress. A lot of chefs tend to put the cress into the refrigerator near the fans and that really damages them.

Paul Da-Costa-Greaves

Master Chef of Great britain & Koppert Cress Chef Consultant

The Adande units ticked all of the boxes when it came to what we were looking for – compact footprint with good storage volume together with stable holding temperature throughout our busy service periods; easy to clean and maintain too.

Tim Byrne

Manager Nando's Queensland

We have noticed that the temperature stability prevents ice crystallization and spoilage of food as it does when warm air infiltrates conventional fridge/freezers by the repeated door or drawer openings. This means our ingredients and our dishes are of the utmost quality for cooking and serving.

Ben Keal

Executive Chef

The best and most versatile product for storing gelato or sorbet in a professional kitchen, in my opinion, would be the Adande drawer system. From the point of view of service, it’s perfect – and, of course, above all we are looking for even overall temperature. For me the Adande offers both.

Gary Ingram

Carpigiani's Artisan Ice Cream & Gelato Consultant

With Fish storage no ice is needed to store seafood with Adande drawer units, because the cold air is moving slowly and not blown over the food by fans – seafood keeps perfectly fresh and moist, unlike conventional refrigeration where ice is essential to avoid dehydration

Naomi Tashiro


The Adande holds the ice cream at its optimum temperature, meaning our valued customers can experience superb quality ice cream every time

Tony Minchella


Professionals in the know choose Adande

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